Sabado, Agosto 04, 2012

The Healing.

Last Tuesday nothing is planned, so while Mum was lying down comfortably I asked her to watch movie with me. So we did, we watched what seem to be the talk of town lately. which is "The Healing". 

The Healing is all about a "Fake/Faith Healer" whose name was "Aling Elsa" she accidentally bring back a dead person to life. Some beliefs says that once dead, you can't nor not suppose to bring them back to life. because of that a curse began. (If you are interested and wanting to know more about what happened watch the movie! it really is worth it)

We were a little far from the screen for the theater was jampacked. Anyways, the movie was superb. It was awesome because it was so detailed and the message of the movie was clearly delivered. The portrayal was fantastic. The movie is like an Indie Film which happen to have brightest stars as casts plus it was produced by Star Cinema. As for me, it was my first time to watch a movie that was really organized and has a fast phasing to the point that it wasn't so boring (I get bored easily). The thing I really notice was the color coding, like if red is what Vilma's (Lead Role) wearing everybody does too everything is red too. When you watch it, towards the end or while watching you'd be like " I'm caught up.." 

It might not be that perfect of a movie, but the information you can get is more than you could ever imagine. Hands down to Chito Ronio (Director) and all else behind this successful movie.

Still out on all theaters near you!. 

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