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My type of Spaghetti.

Sunday it is, and we woke up late. It's somewhat unfortunate that we couldn't get out the mall nor dine out and so Home made Spaghetti for breakfast is all we can think of. As you can see me and my cousin Zabdiel went hand in hand cooking spaghetti, so I am gonna share my recipe to you guys. I am not very fond of cooking but there are things I do when I cook so that it wouldn't be much of a hassle.

Supposedly Spaghetti has a lot in it such as carrots and all ,but we tend to minimalized ingredients. To make it quick and simple but still delicious.

P.S.  I will not include any amount of serving no more , for it all depends on how many of you will eat. just estimate it and your good to go..:D

(All you need to have your spaghetti served.)  
  • Ground beef
  • Pasta (spaghetti)
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Onion & Garlic
  • Sugar (Optional)
  • Salt and pepper (for the sauce taste)
  • Hotdog 
  • Cheese
  • A little water to mix in with the sauce so that it wouldn't be so thick.

How to cook :

1. For the pasta, boil water add on a little cooking oil and salt in it so that it wouldn't stick together and for it to have taste. (I mean you wouldn't want to have trouble mixing the pasta)  If the pasta is soft enough for easy chewing you could place it on a platter, and start working on the Spaghetti sauce. (mix it consistently)

2.Fry the onion and garlic, then the ground beef as well as the hotdog. ( For the sauce, there's a ready mix spaghetti sauce at the grocery stores you could use to lessen the burden.)

3. Add on the spaghetti sauce plus a little cheese while the onion,garlic,gorund beef and hotdog are still in the frying pan. (Keep mixing it until it boils)

4. Add on a little water in the pan so the sauce won't be inappropriatley thick. If it turns pale when water is added,  that's when you add on the ketchup.

5. Add on the condements (Salt,pepper, sugar) for the taste.(Yup it's all in your hands, depend on how you want it to taste) 

6. Lastly, Mix the sauce with the pasta..(VIOLA!. spaghetti served.)

Note.: If you want a carrots in your spaghetti especially when you have kids around (You know they hate carrots even I.. do, though it's super healthy) You can grate the carrots so it wouldn't be so obvious. Easy right?. You can now eat your spaghetti without having to set the carrots aside and have it wasted.

Thanks for the piccie Zabby..:P

Here's the sauce.

Here's my cooking buddy/lovey!. Zabdiel (Cousin)


Finish Product.

If you have any questions just comment, I'll answer. :D

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