Miyerkules, Oktubre 17, 2012

Merci beaucoup et au revoir, Seize

I still can't believe how there had been too much far out occurences and what nots I've had this year. Tons of ups and downs, those the are exceptionally unforgettable. I must say, quiet an eye-opener this year was. I've experienced a lot but this year gave me a little more glimpse of what life really is. Needless to say, you do learn a lot not just every year frankly even everyday. It's awesome, how can suddenly change even as we are unaware when it's in the moment.

As time pass by way too quickly, before I know it I'm already 17. Well part of me will be missing being 16 you know not worrying so much and not knowing what to expect. However,  I can say I am eager for a another level of all the happenings. I wouldn't know how to thank God enough for all the opportunities and blessings He has given me. Without a doubt, I look forward to another year of a ride filled with all new experiences and grasp further learnings as well!.

Thank you very much and goodbye Sixteen.

Our little ball of Sunshine.

I was too happy for Yani that's what I call her my new born niece. She's exactly 1 week and 3 days old for she was born October 7, 2012. I didn't actually know all the details about her when she came out because I didn't manage to go to the hospital. I still have school and that's our finals so no matter how I want to be there..I just can't..which is sad. The bright part is they got home a little early..visited her like 3 days after they got home safe and sound.

It's been nearly 7 years since we've last had a baby in the house. My other niece will be turning 7 pretty soon. We've definitely missed having a little one. So Brianna came in just right. All of us were so thrilled having another adorable niece. I can't wait to watch her grow grow up and see the beautiful lady she is to become.

We are so excited for you yani and thank you for turning the whole household upside down and adding a little more tint of delight to each and everyone of us especially your mum and dad.

To my fellow october baby, my adorable niece, our little ball of sunshine.


Busy Bee

Had been really busy the past few weeks so I couldn't really have you guys updated. Let me tell you guys what kept me busy for a while..(part of it is cos I am highly motivated to do NOTHING!)

Last week was the beginning of our sembreak so School is not keeping me busy no more. I am also doing a lot of workout with my bud so my time in a day is really tight. I have to finish up all the workouts and after that I'm just as tired as when I go to school. I can't practically take advantage of sleep even though it's our sembreak. So workout it is!

This I must say,  september and october had been crazy!. But I promise to keep all my readers updated! Thank you guys!.

Huwebes, Setyembre 20, 2012

Party Pilipinas

So as promised! these are the pictures taken by yours truly when we watched PP last last last Sunday..:D

P.S (No grabbing of pictures unless you let me know..thanks..:D)

Huwebes, Agosto 30, 2012

Sunday & Fashion.

Ok. so last sunday we went to watch Party Pilipinas Live (entertainment show in the philippines) I didn't want to be really formal and wear jeans so I wore shorts instead, and put on some blings then voila! I'm off to go..just want you guys to take a peek at what I wore last sunday..:D 

P.S (I'll be posting pictures from our PP getaway in the whole new different post)

Anyways guys as you can see I'm wearing super awesome accessories which I ordered online. I just wanted you guys to check them out! cos they sell more awesome stuff with a very affordable price. I was also able to talk to the seller herself and I've been told that accessories was being sold at its cheapest price so that teenagers could afford it. (Thoughtful isn't she?) Well they have an INSTAGRAM and all are there. Be sure to check out!

Instagram username: knickknackz

For any other inquries you guys could always ask on IG. she reply as quick as she could.:D 

Top: Inner (from landmark) Outer (Vmall) ; Shorts: Forever21; Shoes: Vmall ; Accessories: (ordered it online from knickknackz)

Miyerkules, Agosto 29, 2012

Linggo, Agosto 19, 2012

UAAP75 : UE vs. UP plus ADU vs. UST

I am not a big fan of Basketball or anything in fact I just went there because it's one of our P.E requirement. As of me, I always have a short attention span. But in this game WOW! just that. Anyways it's actually my first time to watch a basketball game live and having my school included in the game makes it more special and exciting. Was also able to watch the UP Pep squad super awesome left everyone in awe. Amazing stunts. 

We came in a little early for the game which was held at the Smart Araneta Colesium so we were able to watch the Adamson vs. University of Santo Tomas game last minute of 3rd quarter and the 4th. The game was really intense with all the cheerings and everything. Last minute of 3rd quarter UST was really left behind by ADU so one moment everyone thought that UST's gonna lose the battle. Every one was really onto the game that no one bat an eyelash and every time one of them shoots the other side of the colesium becomes really wild. That's what make it really exciting. At the end of the game despite UST being left behind to their delight they still won over ADU by 1 point. So congratulations UST!

Moreover, When University of the East and University of the Philippines starts the battle everyone became wilder and louder!. with all of us UE students plus the UP's..  The only good thing with UE was they always came in close enough with UP's score..Sadly though, UP won over UE. so we were all really awww... So even if all UE students was full of disappointment, it was UP's sweet victory so congratulations!..:D To all the UE drummers thanks for all the effort and for making everyone's ears so very happy.

Was really awesome and fun though with all my blockmates around.:D

Here are some of the pictures. 

Here's how UST almost lose the game

Then They WON!.

UE Red Warriors..

Sumang(6) is prolly the star shooter!

Bring it on!

Game standing..

Igma Kadima.

UP pep squad!

UP and UE in action..

Look at the ball!..:D

(L-R) Jamie,Nicko,Juday,Des,Chu,Ellaine,Me,Mhelai and Mikee. (At KFC)