Huwebes, Agosto 30, 2012

Sunday & Fashion.

Ok. so last sunday we went to watch Party Pilipinas Live (entertainment show in the philippines) I didn't want to be really formal and wear jeans so I wore shorts instead, and put on some blings then voila! I'm off to go..just want you guys to take a peek at what I wore last sunday..:D 

P.S (I'll be posting pictures from our PP getaway in the whole new different post)

Anyways guys as you can see I'm wearing super awesome accessories which I ordered online. I just wanted you guys to check them out! cos they sell more awesome stuff with a very affordable price. I was also able to talk to the seller herself and I've been told that accessories was being sold at its cheapest price so that teenagers could afford it. (Thoughtful isn't she?) Well they have an INSTAGRAM and all are there. Be sure to check out!

Instagram username: knickknackz

For any other inquries you guys could always ask on IG. she reply as quick as she could.:D 

Top: Inner (from landmark) Outer (Vmall) ; Shorts: Forever21; Shoes: Vmall ; Accessories: (ordered it online from knickknackz)

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