Miyerkules, Oktubre 17, 2012

Merci beaucoup et au revoir, Seize

I still can't believe how there had been too much far out occurences and what nots I've had this year. Tons of ups and downs, those the are exceptionally unforgettable. I must say, quiet an eye-opener this year was. I've experienced a lot but this year gave me a little more glimpse of what life really is. Needless to say, you do learn a lot not just every year frankly even everyday. It's awesome, how can suddenly change even as we are unaware when it's in the moment.

As time pass by way too quickly, before I know it I'm already 17. Well part of me will be missing being 16 you know not worrying so much and not knowing what to expect. However,  I can say I am eager for a another level of all the happenings. I wouldn't know how to thank God enough for all the opportunities and blessings He has given me. Without a doubt, I look forward to another year of a ride filled with all new experiences and grasp further learnings as well!.

Thank you very much and goodbye Sixteen.

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