Biyernes, Agosto 03, 2012

Music and Me.

Being rather like me, I'd post up in all my descriptions how I am so into music. I just happen to love it. My Aunt would tell that she use to place a radio on my pram before I go to sleep and while I'm asleep way back then.

I was in my pre-teens when I've decided I want to learn musical instrument (I just find it soooo cool). Anyways, my very first instrument was guitar . It was from my Aunt (Tita tes), I was around 13 years old when I learnt how to play guitar, my uncle's friend who happen to be a very good guitar player(plus he's in a band) taught me once and I did the rest. It sure was tough with blisters and all but it's genuinely fulfulling once you've learned how to play it. Then I've learned how to play the ukulele well it is quite easy when you know how to play guitar. Last is piano. My cousin Macky taught me how to play it.

* People would be like "How the hell did you learn that stuff it is diffucilt." All I have to say is. Of course it is hard but if you really are determined no matter how hard it is you won't mind. You do your best in whatever it is you feel like doing, and then do some more. :D

(My cousin's keyboard)

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