Huwebes, Agosto 09, 2012

Under my Umbrella.

Today me my cousin(who took my outfit piccies) and her boyfriend, Dada watched Step Up Revolution at Trinoma today. Just wanna let you guys have a glimpse of what I wore today. 

P.S  It was all sunny in the morning so I wore something to get myself ready for I thought it was gonna be hot all day. Unfortunately though, it rained but good for me cos I was wearing a rubber flats..:P

Credits goes to my cousin (Ate Micah) for taking the pictures.:D

Top: Blush ; Shorts: Forever 21; Ring: JellyBean; Shoes: Grendha; Necklace: From Mum ; Belt: (One of the shops at Bugis not really certain where it is)  Watch: Casio

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