Lunes, Agosto 06, 2012

All I hear is Raindrops.

I am deeply saddened for it's been raining almost everyday. Sure weather is way too comfortable for sleeping in and just curl up under the covers, but it really is vexatious and arduous for students to transport back and forth their schools and home. What more people who lives along the sidewalk and have no roof at all to protect themselves from the rain?. And all others who've already evacuated out their places for their houses are almost submerged by the flood. 

On the lighter note,  there are always people whose amorous enough to help flood victims who needed help most specially during this time of difficulty wherein they couldn't do nothing. However, students get too excited because of classes suspensions. Sure..others would be like.." Always want class suspension huh?.. If you didn't wanna go to school you shoudn't have enrolled at the first place." Ok I agree with that, but I mean maybe OTHER students wanted classes to be suspended because they're having trouble with the transport and everything..right?. I mean they wouldn't want class suspension if the weather is as good as Summer's when their only problem is how hot it is. Yeah?.. It just got me thinking with all these baloney posts with regards the class suspension.

Anyways, I really do hope that the rain would already stop.

(taken by yours truly a while ago..)

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