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Today I decided to blog about Singapore one of the best country I've ever been. It's kind of more like my second home. Yes, I lived there for 4 years or so. I went back here in Manila(Philippines) last year with my Mum, due to some personal reason. I was around 11 years old when I first went to Singapore. It was a very unforgettable experience for me as well as my aunts , mum & uncle(who's already working there for almost 3 years right before we went there for a tour) and my cousins. We went to their tourist spots such as Sentosa, Singapore Zoo and many more. Sentosa is probably my favorite, because each station has a beach. it might be a long walk but genuinely relaxing when you finally get there. And before me and my mum flew back here in Manila, We went to Universal Studios as it opens only late May last year. Awesome experience it is.:D

I've studied there as well for almost 4 years, unfortunately I wasn't able to finish my 4th year since we have to move out. (Missing my friends and family there sooo bad) My school! let's not forget about it. I've studied in an International School. WOW! right? well in Singapore it's not much of a big deal as Singapore is known as a Bilingual country. So there's apparently too much races in there such as Malaysian,Chinese, American, Russian, Indian and much more. I met different people every second of everyday that I live there. Which I find interesting as making friends is what I find easy to deal with.

FOOD! they've got the best food!  Too bad I don't get to eat the same meal I got used to eating everyday back there. Chicken Rice and Nasi Lemak! That's my favorite!

Who knows one day I'll be back there again to visit my family and dearest friends.
 For know take a look at my piccies :D

                                    Wild Wild Wet swimming experience with my fambam!:D

                                           My dearest tita tess at Sentosa(2009 christmas)

                                      Escape Theme Park escapade with my family once more!
                                                          Yelly(cousin) 7th birthday
                                                         With singaporean friends.:D
                                                    Here's how our flat looks like.

                                                         With gekenzy my Buddy!:D
                                                          Art Room in our school
                                                               My Classmates!:D
                                          Nasi Lemak..
                                            Chicken Rice.

                                                     Universal Studios Singapore!
                                                        Universal Studios Escapade

2009 Christmas with my fambam!

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