Lunes, Mayo 21, 2012

Anicah's Christening.

Anicah Khyme Arganza is my super adorable niece. She might be mature the way she talk as she's just 5 years old but that's probably because she's surrounded with grown ups. She stays with her grandmother, so we don't usually get to hang around with her.She just go to our house every time my uncle( her grandfather) comes home from abroad or when her mum picks her up and she'll have an overnight stay whatsoever.She love taking video and pictures of herself or other people. She dance a lot too. She's actually too old to be baptized,but her mum and everyone else in the fam still manage to pull it off. So yeah..May 19, 2012 Anicah's christening happened. It's just at the church near our place so it wasn't much of a hassle to transfer to one place to another. The reception on the other hand took place at Max's Restaurant near by as well. Our family and some of my cousin(Anicah's mum) friends went to party with us.I had so much fun. Well as always. So that's pretty much it.

 I'll try to post pictures from the event tonight or tomorrow.:D

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