Sabado, Hulyo 07, 2012

Seibo College

Ok now don't be so confused with "College" thing because that recent school I've attended only accommodate nursery til 4th year high-school. People do get really confused a lot  about it, they're like "Where did you study HS?" Then I'm like "Seibo College" then they'd be "Why didn't you continue college in there?" then I have to explain it to them. So here's how my school goes.

Seibo College is not a traditional school . Modular System. They do have teachers and all but they're just around to look after students plus they discuss lessons seldomly. What is AWESOME about it is you get to be responsible enough to understand the lessons all by yourself, for if you don't you won't be able to finish your Modules then you'd be left behind by your classmates. The learning style of Seibo is more likely to be called "Intrapersonal" which means you'd have learn from your own experiences and furthermore all by yourself to relate with the lesson. Long story short, If you finish all your modules then your good to go if not you have no other choice but to get it done over with.

They also have M.A's (Masteral Activity) that you have to take every time you finish a lesson from your Module sort of a examination to test if you really learn something from the lesson. We also have an Achievement Test. That's how it goes.

Pretty Cool huh?. Try and visit Seibo College Then. It is located at Panghulo Rd. Malabon City.

visit their facebook page for more details.

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