Lunes, Hunyo 11, 2012

My Vacation.

While others was all held captive on their bed,couch or computers for the summer vacation I was having the time of my life! because mine went really good. Although we didn't do that much or extremes such as hiking, wall climbing (I'm so not onto those kind of stuff) whatsoever. What we did was basically  staying under the covers while watching movies. Long conversations after every meal, play poker cards, play UNO and monopoly, Cousin (Macky) trying to be a chef( Take note he cook so well) prepare super nice meals every now and then and last but not the least we did a lot of malling. I didn't just loved my summer vaccay because of the things we did but because it all strengthen the relationship between me and my cousins.

Well I was always with Zab, Macky and Ate Micah sometimes ate Aira and Ate Aicka's with us.

Malling. Alright when I mentioned it, I didn't mean like really shopping and all. We just go around the mall well eat apparently. The most exciting part we never fail to do when we go to a mall is being at QUANTUM (kind of like a amusement place which they usually have at the top floor of the mall here in the philippines) what we do is play around and then we sing at the karaoke.(bestest part!) That we never forget to do when we do mall hopping or what. :P

Staying Under the covers while watching movies. Yeah! sounds good and relaxing isn't?. Well it is! We practically do that every night. We settle down right before going to bed we watch movies.(really really good ones like 21 jump street that was superb!) So yeah.

Long conversations after every meal. That always happen, every time we'll have dinner all together. We always have this never ending conversations I can't reckon even our topics. What makes it special is that we share thoughts. Sharing thoughts is not a usual thing especially in a family. I am glad we do share thoughts.:P

Play poker cards,uno and monopoly. Uhh.. I love it when we play games like this, it takes soo long but its all worth it. You guys should try playing with your family and friends.:D

Cousin trying to be a chef. Well he really is trying to be a chef because of how the way he cooks or garnish food (That's what chefs do right?.) But it all tastes so good from pasta to dessert even his fried rice (which makes me miss Singapore's fried rice) So we end up having a really happy tummy every time he cooks dinner or lunch.:D

That's it. Long story short. I HAD A BLAST WHICH I'M THANKFUL FOR.

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